In Android  Puzzle Games , Dots is one of the most favorite and most played game of Android and iPhone in 2014. Today here I am going to provide you some interesting points about this android Puzzle Game.

In our childhood, we had often played a game of connecting dots via creating lines is now available on the Google play store but with some new changes which makes the game more interesting known as Dots -A Game about Connecting Review. If you do not know about this game, let’s have a look over this game post.

Android Games of Puzzle – Dots Overview

The whole game is all about connecting two or more same color dots together, collecting them in the process. The game is very entertaining and full of addiction. You have to follow the few rules to play this game.


Game Format of Dots Puzzle Game

You can do this at 90 degree angles, by which diagonals are out. If you make a perfect four-dot square, all dots of that colour are collected from the screen. You get 60 seconds per round. The people who play the puzzle games regularly will disappoint due to no newness for them. In this game, you will find three power-ups: One that removes a single dot, one that removes all dots of one colour and one that provides you an extra few seconds on the clock. As you have 90 degree angles, you have fewer moves to play. You can only connect the 2-3 dots at a time.

The somewhat odd part of this game is the Game Score. Your score is also your currency therefore if you earn 150 dots in one time score then you can spend 150 dots. You can use these to buy those single dot eliminator, full colour eliminator, and time extend power ups.

Game Insights for Dots Android Game

If we see the visual representation, you will find it game is flawlessly clean. The dot colours are a pleasant array of pastels. There are even multiple shades of white that shows the designers took great care to make sure everything matches up well. In terms of audio, the game has all the right sounds going on. The clicking on the menus and at the final seconds of a round is really satisfying. You will get the different sounds when you make the chains or when you connect the dots and provide you a flawless audio cue if you are doing well. The most satisfactory point in Dots is its audio-visual presentation.


  • Power Ups
  • Free to play 4 life
  • Beautiful audio visual representation
  • Multiplayer mode on Facebook or Twitter
  • Earn badges by winning the games


Google Play Store’s Ratings – 4.1

Android OS required – 2.2 and up

Current Version – 2.0

Size – 30 MB


As the Dots lags in terms of mechanical terms, but it contains the great audio visual presentation which is the benchmark in the standard of game representation. If you are curious to play the puzzle games and want a few minutes fun here and there then I highly recommend you to play Dots Android Games as it is free of cost and also so much entertaining. The curiosity increases will increase day by day by playing this  android puzzle game. So lets play and enjoy!

You can download this entertaining Android Puzzle Game – Dots from here.


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