Personal Loan App

Hello friends,
Today we are going to talk about Personal Loan Android Application. There are lots of Android applications which provide you with instant personal loan but most of them turn out to be fake. Today we are providing information about authentic information which provide you with instant loan disbursal.

Application Name: NIRA Finance by

Criteria for loan approvals:

CIBIL Score should be above 700

You must be salaried

Your salary must be above 12,000

You will be eligible for loan of amount upto 1lac maximum.

Flexible repayment of EMI, whenever you wish.

Min. Interest rate (APR – Annual percentage rate) is 24%

Maximum Interest rate (APR – Annual percentage rate) is 36%

Processing Fees: Rs. 350 plus gst and upto 2% of Loan amount whichever is higher.

Prepayment charges: 2.5% of loan amount if paid before 3 months else Zero.

What if you are unable to pay on time, NIRA finance charges 2% of outstanding amount and in addition with that you have to pay bounce charges.

Overall with rating of 4.5 stars on 9 Dec 2020, NIRA App is good enough to cover your immediate financial needs.

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