Self-respecting companies have understood how important it is to use modern methods of communication within the office. This allows employees to share information more quickly, production to take solutions, and accordingly increase productivity as a whole.

However, it is important to remember that the modern methods of data exchange require a minimum of current practices for their protection. Information loss can be caused by both intentional and unintentional actions of the personnel or the failure of the computer system.

Intentional data loss is often associated with quite a common occurrence of this reality called industrial espionage. There are many ways to steal information, you should organize a strict control over the personnel. And they shouldn’t know about it.

Tools for monitoring staff’s work

Spy phone app free will provide invaluable assistance in this matter. It keeps a record of all human activities on the computer. When using the phone, it’s easy to keep track of work that is carried out by the office staff on their devise screens. Actions of employees that are monitored by the system will make it possible to identify suspicious activity that might be regarded as an attempt to organize the data leak.

The monitoring software records are working activity in a log file, which at any time can be analyzed by the system administrator to detect threats for the security of the system. In addition to providing security, the app eliminates the need to install a separate program to track time in the internal corporate network.

How to monitor the staff?

Unintentional loss of data usually entails the wrong actions of the personnel while using the computer, hardware failures or software component of a computer system. Since we are describing that spy app skillfully copes with the task of comprehensive monitoring device activity and keeps detailed logs of all changes occurring in it, a problem with the operation of the system is easy to locate and remove. To do this, an experienced system administrator should view the logs carefully enough to identify an action that led to a problem in software or hardware.

When the computer network of the enterprise is growing, an important condition for its efficient operation is the correct centralization of the network to help the administrator obtain the necessary information about all the problematic elements. This centralization can be achieved by setting sending log files to a specific email address. So the network administrator will be able to receive data on the operation of all the machines installed in the office onto one email.

However, despite the general computerization, the human factor is also significant. The app can be an invaluable tool for ensuring the security of the internal network, but its value will increase significantly in the capable hands of an experienced system administrator, who can make the correct setting and organize an effective exchange of information in the enterprise.

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