One of the most popular apps on phones across the world, Android and otherwise, is the social media and photo sharing app Instagram. What Instagram does differently to other social media channels is that it allows you to only post visual content for your followers to like and enjoy. This is a great way for you to let people know just what you are doing, and show them at the same time. Instagram is a great tool for individuals and businesses to promote themselves and it is now the second most popular social media app on the Google Play Store.

The key to Instagram, is getting people to like your stuff and there are many users who are looking for ways in which they can boost the amount of likes which they receive on the app. If you are looking to get more people liking your content, here is how to do just that.

Content Focus

It goes without saying that the content which you produce and upload is at the heart of every great Instagram post and if you want people to really love your stuff, you need to invest much time in the quality of your content. Instagram gives you many options when it comes to your content such as adding filters, locations and descriptions to boost your shots. You should be asking yourself whether you are offering your followers value with your content, if not, don’t upload it.

Pay For Them

This is a tip that works really well for businesses’ who are looking to gain a bigger amount of traction on they content. You can use online services to buy automatic Instagram likes which will give your content the head start that it needs, for others to follow suit. People are very much like sheep on Instagram and once a piece of content has been liked by many people, a lot more are happy to jump on board too.

Calls to Action Post

Whenever you see a post that gives you a question and states ‘like for yes, comment for no’ these are called call to action posts. The reason for this is that you are prompting a reply from your followers and encouraging them to get involved in the conversation. You should use these posts sparingly as if you only create calls to action posts, you will lose the novelty and people will be less inclined to get involved with your content.

Be Topical

Finally it is important that you stay on top of themes and topics which are trending and that you post content which is relevant to this. trending themes are things that everyone is talking about and if you can take advantage of this then you can reach a wider amount of people. Use hashtags to stay on top of trending topics, do so and you can expect many more likes for your content.

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