A house is not only a place to live in with your family but also a source of income. If you are planning to move out from Mysore to a new city in India or abroad, you must give your house for rent in Mysore. This would help you to earn a good income as rent and renting a home remains a successful real estate business. There are people in India who invest in property, just to earn income in the form of rent. So, renting your house will help you to earn extra money other than your salary. Now the question arises here that  How to give your house for rent in Mysore So,If you are a landlord and looking to rent your home, there are certain guidelines you must follow.

How to give your house for rent in Mysore

  • Check whether your tenant is reliable and genuine – before giving your property for rent, you must screen your tenant.You must never rent a property to a person who has a criminal background. As a process of screening your tenant, you must ask them to provide a proof of identity and a letter from the employer.
  • Make a rental agreement – it is very important to make a rental agreement in written and make sure, your tenant sign on it before they move in to stay in your apartment. The rental agreement must include details such as monthly rental, period of rent and the amount received as a deposit. The copy of rental agreement should be handed over to the tenant.
  • Fix a fair rent – rent your property based on current market rate. You must first research about the market rate in surrounding areas and fix a fair rate to attract tenants.
  • Get security deposit – every landlord accepts a security deposit from the tenants and the deposit amount is decided by the landlord himself. The landlord should return back the amount once the tenant leaves your home. It mainly ensures the reimburse on damage caused by the tenant.
  • Regular repair and maintenance – as a landlord, your house need to be repaired and maintained on a regular interval of time. You must offer your tenant a decent living by maintaining your property on time. The prompt repair will build a good relationship with your tenant.

Tips to rent your apartment in Mysore

Once your apartment is ready to be rented out in Mysore, you may get confused how to search for a good tenant for your home. If you follow certain tips, you will get a good tenant quickly.

  • Get the help of real estate agent – a city like Mysore runs on the network of real estate brokers. The brokers will transmit information about available properties for rent, so getting the service of a real estate broker will help you finding out a tenant quickly. The broker will demand a fee for their services from both landlord and tenant.
  • Search for corporate tenants – Mysore has lots of corporate as well as government offices. Government employees would look for an apartment to rent on the lease. Corporate tenant will be ready to pay you the rent you ask for and they will remain prompt paying the rent every month on time.
  • Use online sites – there are lots of online portals where you can advertise your property is available for rent. Some of them are free while some will charge you a nominal fee and this would help you to get a good tenant without paying a broker fee.
  • Speak with building association – some residents in Mysore follow the association rule strictly in keeping tenants. You may inform the association about the availability of your house for rent. If they get any rental inquiries, they will inform you.

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