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Madbee is a free Music player app for android, having collection of all  songs that you require any time, anywhere without using your device or chip memory. At Madbee Music Player you will find an awesome combo of your playlists stored in phone or soundcloud. The Madbee app is developed by madbee music.

Madbee app APK:

The Madbee Apk will help you to search any song online and put it in your playlist easily forever. Add a different tint to your playlist and listen even what your friends are listening. Madbee is one of the best music player apps. The APK files of Madbee app will help you to direct downloading of the app. We are sharing Madbee APK free download file of the latest versions. Download the best music app for android.

Madbee Music Player APK Download Free

Madbee Music Player APK Download

The APK files of the Madbee will help you to direct downloading of the music app. We are sharing Madbee music player app apk file of the latest versions.

Why Madbee is different from others?

The most appreciating feature of the player is you can play your favorite line on a repeat loop. No need to start or forward again and again to listen particular lines. Just set the time limit of your particular line and put them into repeat loop. It is also beneficial when you are practicing for dance and you need not to forward the lines for preparing dance steps.

Features of  Madbee Music Player APK are as below:

  • The all songs options, will provide all tracks available in your device and present online songs.
  • Listen unlimited songs free easily on soundcloud.
  • No need of disk space. Once you click on the song that you want to listen will automatically save in sound cloud. So if you want to hear that particular song again, you can hear that without any need of internet connection for that song.
  • Explore the trending music, and see what your friends are listening who have madbee app.
  • Search traditional or international, pop music easily on madbee.
  • Do dance or song practice easily with loop.
Madbee App Information:

Google Play Store Rating – 5.0

Android Required – 4.0 and up

Size –5.0 MB

Current Version- 2.8

Updated – June 27, 2015

Madbee App Music Player Screenshots:

Madbee-Music-Player-app-Repeat loop
Madbee-Music-Player-app-Repeat loop

The app is really interesting and full of various modes like to send invites, suggestions, trending options to make your music experience perfect. ‘Download madbee Music Player APK’ Here easily to use all these awesome features.

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