Self-Improvement AppsSelf-Improvement Apps

Living a healthy and happy life is the ultimate goal for everyone. It is not as simple as saying words in
today’s fast-paced life. Now it’s not enough to be a good student and offer term paper help to
others. Or be just a good worker. Modern life expects you to be an active person. But technology has
made difficult tasks a bit easier with the development of smart apps and access to the internet for

Here are 10 self-improvement apps that will make you a better person.

Simply Being:

This app is available for blackberry, android devices, iPhone, iPad, and Windows phones. This app
helps you to meditate and keep your mindset focused on the present. It has meditation guides of 5,
10, 15, and 20 minutes for you to get started.


Duolingo is a free app to learn different languages. This app has lessons of 8-10 minute duration that
allow you to learn a language you want with little time. Currently, they are offering Spanish, French,
German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Workout Trainer:

The workout is important for both mental and physical health. Workout trainer is the best workout app that you need to use. This app has a free and pro version. A free version is also enough for you to get started for better physical health.Nike+:
Another app related to fitness is Nike+. This app has a GPS and helps you to track and monitor the
progress of your daily workout. It is a simple yet effective app that allows you to connect with other
Nike+ users for measuring your achievement with others.


Yoga is a meditation technique that helps you to relieve stress. Visiting a yoga studio regularly is not
feasible for everyone because of time and budget constraints. YOGAmazing is your mobile yoga
studio with more than 50 yoga sessions. Increase your body-mind-spirit balance and flexibilitythrough a 25-minute long yoga session daily.

Office Yoga:

Office yoga is an application that solves your problem of having time to complete a full yoga session.
This app brings you an option of small beneficial yoga sessions and poses that you can perform while
in the office.


With a wonderful collection of different mind games, this app is designed to develop and test mental
acuity. This app gives a serious workout to your grey matter. With a free trial of five sessions, this app offers a pro version for $9.99 a year


Lifetick is a goal-setting application through which you can not only track your progress but also establish your core values. You can have more personalized goals by using the SMART goal setting
method available in this app. This app has a free version with a $20 per annum pro version


This app is for everyone who wants to start small. Lift helps you to choose and implement small
habits in your daily routine such as cleaning your teeth before sleeping. It allows you to check in
every time you performed the task.


Not an application but a web-based tool but creators are hopeful to create a mobile version soon. It is a new, entertaining, and funny way to learn guitar.

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