Poker has always been that hard-to-play-yet-fascinating game. As a card game it involves a combination of skills to master it, let alone you win. For a serious poker player, it may not be surprising if poker is described as a game more complex and tougher than the likes of chess or bridge.

Conventionally speaking, there are two ways to go about this game. Either you can be an expert player or you can try to be a better player.

An expert player is undoubtedly the player who goes about winning the game. But what makes a better online poker player different from the former is his approach towards the game.

A better player enjoys playing poker just for fun. He plays for pure entertainment treating poker as a hobby. However, an expert player sees it as a game to win and nothing less than that.

Irrespective of the approach you take, it remains very clear and etched that it requires thousands of hours of playing and witnessing of hands before you play poker to become an expert in it.

Check out a few unconventional tips to make you a better poker player.

Interest to learn the game

This may sound really off beat tip, but that’s actually true! The best way to learn online poker and its strategies is to develop a genuine interest for the game. Watch your opponents actively and learn from their strategies. Your Interest will fuel you to learn further from online training videos, bodies and friends too.

Improve your networking skills

It’s the age networking and establishing the right connections. Develop a strong poker network. Connect with friends, expert players and professionals to learn, share and improve on your poker playing skills. Today, with social media interwoven into our lives, it’s a lot easier to be part of such network and pursue your Interest as you play poker online.

Play with better players

Very unconventional as it may sound, but yet another way to better your game of online poker is, to play with players who are better than you and at higher stakes. Now, do you know what does that mean? Yes, you guessed it right. It means you need to spurge a lot of money just to keep playing and keep learning. Well any takers for this?

Play when in good mood

You may wonder what has mood to do with a game of poker. But, if ever you play online poker when you are feeling dull or depressed, or if you are not in the best of your mood, the chances are you lose a big hand. While poker online is actually a rational game, when you try to play with an emotional backlog it is most likely that you may lose. Play the game for sheer recreation and not as a ‘mood changer’.


Poker is an interesting game which requires you to exhibit high levels of intelligence and be rational to come up with strategies to level the game with your opponents; you need to master the conventional techniques of online poker and at the same time learn from the unconventional ways too.

Play poker; never letthe fun dilute.

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