Here is the review of Angry Birds android arcade game free. Angry Birds android game is one of the most popular games played in Android, iOS, Windows and other operating system. The mass of people played various versions of Angry Birds. By a single touch screen input sends your bird to hit the bad monkeys, evil pigs or to free the other birds from cage. Playing the Angry Birds is always full of fun, but after crossing the several hundred levels the format started to feel rancid.

Angry Birds Space Android Arcade Game Free

Rovio introduced the new fresh full of imagination and amazing ideas the Angry Birds Space. The main two attractions in the Space features are: Zero gravity environments and gravity wells. In the zero gravity, the birds will fly in a straight line. If you hit the TNT it will spread out all the debris flying in every direction, however the nudging a pig sends it sluggishly floating through space. In the Angry Bird Space, planets or moons in the stages having their own unique gravity that will draw in birds and obstacles identical which rarely cause a challenge, but you can take benefit of these gravity effects.


Android Rovio’s Angry Bird Space

Angry Bird Space is the competent addition to Rovio’s expanding monarchy. The ideas landed in the games are borrowed from some of first games ever made but it successfully manages to recapture the destructive thrill that made the original much essential and purely avoid the trap of repetition.

New Features in Android Angry Birds Android Game

The Angry Bird Space has the 200 interstellar levels on planets in zero gravity, which converts the game very interesting including the slow motion puzzles, light speed destruction. The app contains the free regular updates, brand new birds, imposing new super powers, new in-app purchases and the whole to explore.

  • Over 200 interstellar levels
  • Zero-gravity space adventures
  • Trick shots using planets’ gravity
  • Brand new superpowers
  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds
  • Brand new birds
  • Hidden bonus levels

Game Format of Angry Birds for Android

1. The Angry Birds Space is the newest sequel of Angry Birds. In the Angry Bird Space game, the space is full of innovative ideas like the interstellar having the gravity elements right from the start and you will get more up to the game’s 60+ stages.

2. After crossing the 60+ stages, you will find the multiple planets having their specific gravity to navigate. After exploring these planets, the game become more of a skill based puzzler than previous versions and players need to plan out their attack in advance. It is not new to slingshot a bird around the around two celestial bodies before expertly detonating it at the right moment to clear a stage.

3. You will get the two new birds; will help you to keep space’s stages fun and fresh. The yellow triangular dive-bombing bird has also been redesigned where as a square ice bird can be detonated to freeze any nearby blocks and evil pigs. Players can now send the bird anywhere on the stage just by tapping the target.

4. As the space’s physics randomness does bring the experience down a little. You can fling a bird in the exact same way five times and can experience the five different results.

Should we Purchase Android Angry Birds Android Game?

Angry Birds Space is the appropriate shot in the series needed. The few decisions of Rovio’s business are disappointing. The Angry Birds Space’s game contains 60 levels, but an entire 3rd chapter with 30 more stages is available with a $0.99 in-app purchase. You will get the “Mighty Eagle”, level clearing superbird used to be a onetime purchase, but you can only purchased it as a consumable. Each 20 uses of this last resort now cost players an additional $0.99. You can download Angry Birds Android Game directly from play store. Here is the link.

Download Angry Birds Android Puzzle Game


The Angry Birds Space has more aggressive pricing and somewhat random physics results are disappointing but if you see the game’s over all innovative ideas, quality and fun factor it will make up with the pricing and random physics issues. The Space Angry Bird experience and twists are quite enough revivifying the franchise. If you have any query regarding the Angry Bird Android Puzzle Game or you find it helpful, you can mention it in comments.

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