As cyber crime becomes predominant in day-to-day life, every company is looking to reduce the risk of fraud without causing trouble to customers—all at the same time keeping security costs in check.

Phone-based verification with OTP services and real-time number verification offers a perfect mix of convenience, security, and low price that helps companies activate power service, facilitate secured access to the mobile workforce, and authenticate financial transactions. MSG91s SendOTPis a leading product offering the phone-as-a-token services using one time passwords and contextual authentication tools that are time sensitive, secure and accessible everywhere.

What is SendOTP by MSG91?

SendOTPis a one-time password mechanism that works on generating, delivering and verifying OTP. Copy and pasting couple of codes permit you to incorporate the two factor authentication facility. Once this is finished,  SendOTP creates, delivers and verify OTPs of your customers. .

This product offers high quality services that allows you to save on infrastructure, maintaining multiple or backup service providers, development time, resources, security and analysis.

This amazing product by MSG91 offers quick services, i.e., OTP services are on high priority and delivered within seconds, 100% delivery rate – the OTP is sent even if it means sending a voice SMS at their cost, and support is always available for solving your queries.

How does MSG91 SendOTP work?

This product is an integrated platform of MSG91 by which you can simply integrate two factor authentication or mobile verification service in your application to create, deliver and authenticate OTPs for ‘n’ number of users, not at all allowing your end-user to go.

This product maintains the database for the delivered OTPs and they can be simply filtered. It decreases a valid amount of coding on the application part, thereby making it lighter.

All a user needs to do with SendOTPis:

  1. Identify the phone number.
  2. Enter the authentication code.

Overall, the user is authenticated in just two steps and all it takes is 120 seconds.

Features of SendOTP

  1. Through this product you can generate OTP, send OTP though Transactional SMS API and authenticate mobile number.
  2. Check all reports.
  3. Enable two factor authentication within two minutes.
  4. Guaranteed OTP service.

Because of SMS technology, your OTPs are delivered as SMS to further improve security as only targeted people will receive them. In this way unapproved person will not get access to corporate data. You can still increase reliability and security of the SMS system if you use SendOTP service by MSG91.

MSG91 is one of the leading bulk SMS service providers that allow the communication flow without any disturbance. Sending text messages to a large number of contacts in single go is what MSG91 provides with different add-ons for well-planned communication. If you decide to use this solution, you will get a fixed, reliable and successful authentication system with the best quality.

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