Just a few couple of weeks are left before the upcoming AIPMT, which is all set to be conducted on 1st May. So you will have to wrap up all your preparations within this short span and everything is got to be seamlessly perfect. Though droppers are expected to have finished with their preparations, those who are appearing for XII boards will only get a month of time to prepare.

Last minute preparation can work wonders:So this April is very critical from your preparation perspective as this month will only help you testify your strengths and weaknesses, correct your mistakes and empower you with the last minute tips of being successful. After the exam is over, most students come to realize that they have committed some silly mistakes by being cautious about it from now onward will help you to achieve excellence. And in order to be placed in the merit list, you must follow proper test patterns as well as test materials.

Blurring the difference between an average student and a topper:

Even those who are not a regular studying nerd, would be able to crack the AIPMT with the right study materials, strategies, proper guidance and focus. It is also important to practice all possible types of questions as familiarizing with various question patterns will be your key to success. This helps in exposing your understanding of the topic along with your weak points. By now it is obvious that you have finished practicing papers of previous years and so you are familiar to your level of difficulty with the question patterns. In AIPMT, normally basic questions of moderately difficult level are given but committing silly mistakes makes it unattainable for most students.

Common mistakes by students and how to overcome them:

Those who fail to crack the AIPMT exam inspite of having decent preparation and understanding the question pattern must have committed one or more of the following mistakes:

#Not reading the question paper attentively.

#Not paying equal attention to the all four questions.

#Bubbling various mistakes in the answer sheet.

#Not able to manage time properly.

How long and what will you study:

If you had been very regular from the beginning, then you can carry on with your usual schedule. But in case you have left everything for the last month, then you should study at least ten hours a day. These ten hours should be broken up according to a routine but don’t study continuously as you will be bored and tired soon.

Only a month of honest effortsis required to push you towards your goal. Always remember that if you fail in your first attempt, then again you have to wait for another year and this will be very painstaking in future. So plan these ten hours and execute it completely; mere planning will help you by no means. Don’t study for more than three continuous hours and then have a refreshment break and return back to your study.

Proper planning for proper execution:

You must plan your preparation for the last time. Hence just a few days are left, you should have done with your preparation by now. Stay away from scrolling down Facebook pages,checking your twitter account, watching cricket, texting your friends or doing anything that wastes your time fruitlessly.

You had been preparing to crack the AIPMT, so you got to be very serious as ranking among lakhs of students isn’t an easy task. Every second means to you, so checking other’s profiles would do you no good. None of your buddies or crush are going to influence you in shaping your career.

You only will have to do it, so there’s no harm in being a little selfish and think of yourself instead of everyone else. No friendship would last an eternity and everyone is about to move ahead with their respective lives. If you utilize your time properly, only then can you have a better future. So start focusing on your goals and work hard in order to realize it.

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