how to uninstall VidMatehow to uninstall VidMate

9apps is an online platform that enables its users to download an unlimited number of applications and games on android mobile phones. It is a tool that stores a wide range of apps, the most common apps being music, travel, news, hotel, shopping, wallpapers, etc. It provides speed as well as a secured downloading service.

Vidmate is one of the most popular applications that people prefer to download from the 9apps store. This app is used for streaming various videos and other channels with clarity! Vidmate download is possible from the 9apps store only!

Where did 9apps originate?

9apps is an Android app distribution platform, a product of UCWeb, Alibaba Group Company. It is available in 7 languages. Its business is spread in countries like India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, South-east Asia, the Middle East, and about 100 more emerging markets.

What is the usefulness of 9apps?

With rapid development in mobile computing, mobile apps are offering services in almost every area of human needs. Users can order food, buy a ticket, book a hotel, buy clothes, utensils, search jobs, buy a house, sell products and do almost everything possible with the proper choice of apps downloaded in their smartphones. Learning apps are available for children of all age groups, and the attractive features are helping parents and teachers to utilize innovative ways and thereby avoid misuse and addiction to the internet.

The world has become small as people can remain connected with all corners at all times. With google maps, we can easily locate unknown places and go on frequent road trips to any destination. We can establish our business and expand worldwide through the best marketing strategies available in different applications. The global market can be captured with highly sophisticated e-commerce apps.

What are the advantages of 9apps?

  • Friendly

The technical support team is very active, and they also provide financial consultancy. Helpdesk is very cooperative towards the users and troubleshoots common glitches in no time.

  • Huge

The number of users is huge and widely present in different parts of the world in different languages.

  • Cost-effective

User acquisition is cost-effective, and a second-time bonus can also be achieved.

  • Flexible

For business partners, it can customize features and meet all user requirements.

  • Size:

In comparison to the Google Play store, which comes as the inbuilt app store for Android device, 9apps requires less space as apps are stored in an apk file format only. Because of the small size, it can run in low RAM too.

  • A huge number of the app, including third-party app:

Third-party apps like Vidmate can be easily downloaded in 9appsfree. In the case of another app store, the user has to pay to access third-party features.

  • High-Quality Download

9apps has good Download Manager, which leads to fast download and exclusive features like an auto-resume, pause and play make it more manageable.

  • Search option and User-friendly

Navigating 9apps is very simple as it provides categories and subcategories. Users can easily search and download.

9apps download can open a vast arena for users to enhance their skills and connect to a huge community in the most effective manner.

By Saahil