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Spy phone app free – use handy tools for monitoring staff’s activity

Self-respecting companies have understood how important it is to use modern methods of communication within the office. This allows employees to share information more quickly, production to take solutions, and accordingly increase productivity as a whole.

However, it is important to remember that the modern methods of data exchange require a minimum of current practices for their protection. Information loss can be caused by both intentional and unintentional actions of the personnel or the failure of the computer system.

Intentional data loss is often associated with quite a common occurrence of this reality called industrial espionage. There are many ways to steal information, you should organize a strict control over the personnel. And they shouldn’t know about it.

Tools for monitoring staff’s work

Spy phone app free will provide invaluable assistance in this matter. It keeps a record of all human activities on the computer. When using the phone, it’s easy to keep track of work that is carried out by the office staff on their devise screens. Actions of employees that are monitored by the system will make it possible to identify suspicious activity that might be regarded as an attempt to organize the data leak.

The monitoring software records are working activity in a log file, which at any time can be analyzed by the system administrator to detect threats for the security of the system. In addition to providing security, the app eliminates the need to install a separate program to track time in the internal corporate network.

How to monitor the staff?

Unintentional loss of data usually entails the wrong actions of the personnel while using the computer, hardware failures or software component of a computer system. Since we are describing that spy app skillfully copes with the task of comprehensive monitoring device activity and keeps detailed logs of all changes occurring in it, a problem with the operation of the system is easy to locate and remove. To do this, an experienced system administrator should view the logs carefully enough to identify an action that led to a problem in software or hardware.

When the computer network of the enterprise is growing, an important condition for its efficient operation is the correct centralization of the network to help the administrator obtain the necessary information about all the problematic elements. This centralization can be achieved by setting sending log files to a specific email address. So the network administrator will be able to receive data on the operation of all the machines installed in the office onto one email.

However, despite the general computerization, the human factor is also significant. The app can be an invaluable tool for ensuring the security of the internal network, but its value will increase significantly in the capable hands of an experienced system administrator, who can make the correct setting and organize an effective exchange of information in the enterprise.

Download Crazy Moto Racing APK Free

The Crazy Moto Racing is free Moto racing game where you have to ride through powerful Motos around the 3D world. You have to control the Motos as fast as you can during the traffic rush time. Create your high score in nice cities, desert, forest and other locations. Tap the screen to boost the speed.

Crazy Moto Racing Free APK Files:

The APK files of Crazy Moto Racing Free will help you to direct downloading of the game. We are sharing Crazy Moto Racing Free apk file of the latest versions. The installs of Crazy Moto Racing Free is 10,000,000 – 50,000,000. We do not provide any pirated version of APK files. New features of Crazy Moto Racing Free APK are as below:

  • Enjoy the 3D world of fast moto racing.
  • Enjoy the drive in various cities, snowy city, Desert, Forest and more.
  • Playing the game is very easy.
  • Tips to get the high score.
  • Boost your speed and multiply your coins according to your speed.
Crazy Moto Racing APK

Crazy Moto Racing APK

Download the apk files:

Crazy Moto Racing Free apk file from Google Play Store


Google Play Store Rating – 3.8
Android Required – 1.4
Size – 17 MB
Current Version- 1.4
Updated –July 24, 2014

The game is a fast racing game and a very good option for the riders who are crazy about speed.

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne APK + APK MOD Latest Version

The Asphalt 8: Airborne is the best android arcade racing game. Perform high-speed aerial stunts with a brand new physics engine. Get the various new features with Lamborgini, Buggati, Veneno , Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R models. Race in different 9 locations such as Venice, Neveda Desert, French Guiana, Iceland and diverse exciting locations.

Asphalt 8: Airborne APK Files:

The APK files of Asphalt 8: Airborne will help you to direct downloading of the game. We are sharing Asphalt 8: Airborne apk file of the latest versions. The installs of Asphalt 8: Airborne is 10,000,000 – 50,000,000. We do not provide any pirated version of APK files.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne

New features of Asphalt 8: Airborne APK are as below:

Luxury Dream Cars
Get airborne
New exclusive locations
Real time geometry reflections
Simultaneous multiplayers and Ghost challenges
Awesome music

Download the apk files:

Asphalt 8: Airborne apk file from Google Play Store


Google Play Store Rating – 4.5
Android Required –2.3 and up
Size – Varies with device
Current Version- Varies with device
Updated – October 24, 2014

The new location and models are really awesome. Speed freaks involved is tremendous. Enjoy the fantastic game music.

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Dr. Driving – 3D Racing Android Game Review

Dr. Driving racing game was introduced by SUD and upgraded by Dr. Parking. You have to do only one thing in this game is just Driving. Dr. Driving is accepted by all android processors. The Dr. Driving is a 3D view enabled game.

Game Insight:

In the Dr. Driving, main screen contains a steering, a brake paddle and an acceleration paddle. In order to boost the speed of the car, you should touch the acceleration paddle given on the screen and to stop the car touch the brake paddle. The user has to prevent his car from striking anywhere. The user may also skip to full car view for their comfort.

You have to clear 4-5 stages to be cleared in the Dr. Driving game. The stages are made in order to check the speciality of the user in drifting, speed, fuel saving, highway driving. The scores are based upon the performance in a particular level.

In this game, you obtain to complete the mission at every level in very realistically looking city scenes. Earn money and buy your expensive cars, according to your choice. Complete your goals in a standard city in rush hour. Keep an average safe speed and do not hit anyone during the turns and parking.

In the Dr. Driving game, you can share the scores with your friends over the social networks. Compete with your friends by sharing the scores via the social networks. It has some normal annoyance such as forcing you link your Google + and Facebook account. You have to put a long time effort to earn the money for buying the car.

Dr. Driving - 3D Racing Android Game Review

Dr. Driving – 3D Racing Android Game Review

APK Files for Dr. Driving:

The APK files will help you to obtain your games for direct downloading. We are sharing the Dr. Driving APK files. The installs of Dr. Driving is 50,000,000 – 100,000,000. We do not provide any pirated version of APK files.

Dr. Driving APK file from Google Play Store

Dr. Driving APK file from Zippyshare

Dr.Driving APK File from Sendspace


3D enabled game view

Earn the Gold (max 1,000 gold)

High visual graphics

Realistic side scenes

Play Online Multiplayer

Various Missions


Google Play Store Rating – 4.5

Android Required – 2.3.3 and up

Size – 9.8MB

Current Version- 1.38


The game view is really amazing and you can enjoy the 3D enabled game view. You will love this game as it works as a real racing game simulator. There are some lagging factors such as it takes a long time in earning the money but testers ignore this factor. Overall the game is fantastic.

It was all that I knew about the game. If you have any query regarding the post or you want to share any information about the post, then you can mention it in the comments.

Hill Climb Racing APK Free Download

The Hill Climb Racing is a free entertaining physics based driving game. Face the challenges of unique hill climbing atmosphere with different cars. Earn the bonuses from daring tricks and try to collect more coins as possible as you can to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances.

Hill Climb Racing APK Files:

The APK files of Hill Climb Racing will help you to direct downloading of the game. We are sharing Hill Climb Racing apk file of the latest versions. The installs of Hill Climb Racing is 100,000,000 – 500,000,000.We do not provide any pirated version of APK files.

Hill Climb Racing APK

Hill Climb Racing APK

New features of Hill Climb Racing APK are as below:

  • Drive the different vehicles with amazing upgrades
  • Various upgradable parts including engine, suspension, tires and 4WD
  • Different levels with numerous locations
  • Share your score with your friends
  • Amazing graphics and flawless physics simulation
  • Designed for low resolution and high resolution devices
  • Real turbo sound when you upgrade the engine.

Download the apk files:

Hill Climb Racing apk file from Google Play Store


Google Play Store Rating – 4.4
Android Required – Varies with device
Size – Varies with device
Current Version – Varies with device
Updated – October 30, 2014
The Hill Climb racing is very addictive and fantastic racing game. The graphics are very cool and the sound effects are tremendous

How to Play Indian Classic Rummy Online

There are many variants of rummy that are played world-wide; the classical version of rummy in India is the 13 card rummy variant. The love for rummy in India dates back to decades and it grew as a part of the traditions in India. It is pretty simple to learn the basics of the game but it can take a quiet a while to master the rummy strategies and tricks. As rummy is a game which requires certain skill sets to master, players need to practice by playing more games to achieve the required skill set. Players can play free classic rummy online to practice and slowly master the game.

Classic Rummy Rules

The Indian game of rummy is played between 2 to 6 player and every player is dealt with 13 cards. The players are supposed to meld their cards to sets and sequences to win the game. The winner of the game is the first player who melds his cards into sets and sequences. A valid classic rummy hand should have at least 2 sequences and the rest of the cards can be sets or sequences.

Sets are the combination of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank but different suits. For example, 9♥ 9♣ 9♦ and K♥ K♣ K♦ K♣ are considered as valid sets. Whereas sequences are the combination of 3 or more cards of the same suit and are in consecutive order. For example, 7♥ 8♥ 9♥ 10♥ and K♣ Q♣ J♣ are examples of valid sequences.

Game play of Classic Rummy

Two decks of cards are used to play classic rummy. After the players are dealt with 13 cards each, the closed deck is made by keeping the rest of the cards placed faced down. A card is randomly selected from the closed deck which acts as the wild card Joker. The joker can be used to substitute the missing cards while trying to meld cards into sets and sequences.

As discussed earlier the winning hand in classic rummy should have at least two sequences. One of the sequences in the hand should be a pure sequence. A pure sequence is obtained by melding the consecutive cards of the same suit without using a Joker. Adding a joker to the sequence will make it an impure sequence. The remaining cards can be arranged as sets or sequences. If a wrong declaration is made, the winner gets maximum points and the other players continue the game.

SeamGen Android application developers

World of Android

All along, mobile gadgets have been a basis of communication. In fact, they are one thing that connects us and brings us together. I, personally, appreciate the android gadgets a lot. They have really helped not only in making the world of communication better but also making life itself fun. It is all the work of the android software developers that have that make android a better choice. These guys really do a lot. Software development may seem as if it is a small task but actually it is a very tough task that the software developers handle and give us an exquisite outcome. More than a half phones in the world in use are android phones. Not because they are readily available but they are impressive.

Android Application Development

Android application development is a process by which a software is developed to the best it can for use in the phone by considering all factors. The software can be preinstalled in a gadget as the case of YouTube, a product of google, which nowadays comes preinstalled in the phone. Developing an android software considers a list of factors being: the android version, gadget specification, screen resolution and other factors that determine compatibility of the software to the gadget.

The SeamGen Team

Android app development company Seamgen that is very fit for software development. They have expertise in android software coding. Their software is user friendly, and simple for gadget. They make sure that all bugs are taken care of assuring you that their software will not misbehave. They focus on custom android application development, healthcare application, social media and social enterprise, android widgets. For those who like games, SeamGen makes good games for you that you will definitely love. They also test software to tell whether they are junks or fit for use. They are also good at rating the quality of a software by considering its activities, activities and how user friendly it is.

Our Services.

The SeamGen team is well-equipped and skilled in android software development. Our applications are quality and ensures quality to your phone since applications flavors the phone. In fact, it is the very thing that makes a phone useful and due to this reason, they make sure that your phone becomes one thing that is of great importance of you by making the applications highly useful and effective.  After developing the application, it does not mean that that is the end of our relationship. If you need our assistance concerning our application, we offer an option where you can contact us any time. Need an application made specifically for you? Do not worry any more since all you have to do is contact us and direct us on the details of the application that you need and leave us to make the impeccable application that you will like. Our prices are favorable and cheap since we make sure that you come back for more hence if you need any service rendered to you don’t mind about the price.

Android World.

Since morning when you are checking your time on the phone to the midday when in the social media, when you are bored playing your games to the night when making calls and setting your alarm you use your android phone. Now, welcome and make it better with the exquisite application by SeamGen that you will greatly love and that will make your world a bliss. SeamGen is your solution. Research shows that android phones tend to be the most in use unlike other phones.

How to Play Rummy Game and Trics to Win the Game?

Rummy is a Card game and it is very simple to play for those who are familiar with this game. Rummy is a fun and interesting game. To play this game you have to aware with its basic and fundamental rules. Who are not familiar with this game can learn How To Play Rummy by reading this article. This article contains tricks and tips to play Rummy game and win the game consistently.

It is really very simple to play rummy game, it has some basic rules and strategies,  but the  twist is that rummy  also depends on the your luck of the day. This is basically needs Two Players and a deck of cards. Rummy Rules are nothing but a simple steps to play the game. If anyone wants to play this game online so the guideline provides there and anyone can win the game just by reading its process to play.

Now come to the main point that how to play so the first step is that you need to familiarize with its terms and techniques to play. The main goal of this game is to make set  of the card in the each round  and each set has the points so you have to get maximum points by making maximum sets of cards or a run. At the end Whoever has maximum points that person will be the winner of the game.

Set means you need to make groups of 3 or 4 cards with the same rank, for example  8 of spades, 8 of hearts, 8 of clubs and 8 of diamonds or many groups like this. Run can be defined as the sequence of similar card, but in the correct order, i.e. 5 of hearts, 6of hearts, 7 of hearts and so on.

Gin rummy  is another game similar to rummy, but the difference is only that in this game you already have the sets or run of cards and you do not have to put  cards on the table. The condition is only to show your card to your opponent when one of you reached the gin or knocked. Knocking is a situation in which you act like that you are ending round by collecting cards and if you have sets of cards or combination of cards you can stop the game by knocking.Dissimilar card is known as Deadwood player who have that cars considered as to get less than 10 points. To win this game you have to firstly analyze the knock and win the game by knocking the most.

BITSAT Practice free androids for BITSAT exams

BITSAT (BITS Admission Test) exam is one of the toughest entrance exams for Admission in Integrated First Degree Programmes of BITS Pilani Campuses in Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad. Every year thousand of student apply for BITSAT exams. With the increasing competition the level of exams getting difficult, which requires keen studies. In this age of technological advancement now everything becomes easy to reach. Your other than books your android phone can help you to get the highest score in the exam.

BITSAT Practice Android application have all study material for candidates who are preparing to appear in the BITSAT exams. Yes, here you can get full exams preparation stuff like test papers, practice questions, timing, statistics etc. of all subjects like Chemistry, physics, mathematics. BITSAT Practice app is completely free, that helps students to create their own question paper. With this app, you can find out and improve your paper solving speed and you can make a proper strategy to solve whole BITSAT exam paper and get highest marks in the exam.

Practice makes the man perfect, by installing this app on your mobile phone you can do practice for your BITSAT exams infinite times. To have a better understanding of exam pattern and subjects related doubts.

BITSAT Practice free apk Download

BITSAT Practice is a free android app which you can download from your phone’s play store. Or you can run this app on the desktop also by downloading BITSAT Practice free apk.

The installs of BITSAT Practice app reached to 10,000 – 50,000. We do not provide any pirated version of APK files.

Best features of BITSAT Practice APP

BITSAT Practice app offering ultimate features that make BITSAT exams preparation easier some of those are following:

  • Completely Free, this app doesn’t cost you anything
  • No internet require, yes you can work offline with BITSAT Practice app
  • Provide different type of practice options like Chapter wise, Subject wise orquestion wise
  • Well organized according to your requirements
  • Have collection of well developed, tested and question and answers
  • This app provides subject material for Math, Physics and Chemistry only
  • Sample BITSAT mock Test paper have 125 questions that you have to solve in 2 Hour 30 minutes
  • Long press on every test paper and individual chapters.
  • You can utilize menu options to reset Subjects and test papers’ answers
  • BITSAT app provides complete statics of your abilities. With which you work for improvement
  • Also, offers estimate/ guess probable BITSAT SCORE

BITSAT Practice APP specifications and information

  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.1
  • Android Required – 4.0 and up
  • Size – 7.3 MB
  • Current Version – 1.0.5
  • Updated – May 14, 2014

So, what are you waiting for? Just rush to the Google play store and download this amazing BITSAT Practice APP to get the highest score in BITSAT exam?

SendOTP- An Authentication Product Developed By MSG91

As cyber crime becomes predominant in day-to-day life, every company is looking to reduce the risk of fraud without causing trouble to customers—all at the same time keeping security costs in check.

Phone-based verification with OTP services and real-time number verification offers a perfect mix of convenience, security, and low price that helps companies activate power service, facilitate secured access to the mobile workforce, and authenticate financial transactions. MSG91s SendOTPis a leading product offering the phone-as-a-token services using one time passwords and contextual authentication tools that are time sensitive, secure and accessible everywhere.

What is SendOTP by MSG91?

SendOTPis a one-time password mechanism that works on generating, delivering and verifying OTP. Copy and pasting couple of codes permit you to incorporate the two factor authentication facility. Once this is finished,  SendOTP creates, delivers and verify OTPs of your customers. .

This product offers high quality services that allows you to save on infrastructure, maintaining multiple or backup service providers, development time, resources, security and analysis.

This amazing product by MSG91 offers quick services, i.e., OTP services are on high priority and delivered within seconds, 100% delivery rate – the OTP is sent even if it means sending a voice SMS at their cost, and support is always available for solving your queries.

How does MSG91 SendOTP work?

This product is an integrated platform of MSG91 by which you can simply integrate two factor authentication or mobile verification service in your application to create, deliver and authenticate OTPs for ‘n’ number of users, not at all allowing your end-user to go.

This product maintains the database for the delivered OTPs and they can be simply filtered. It decreases a valid amount of coding on the application part, thereby making it lighter.

All a user needs to do with SendOTPis:

  1. Identify the phone number.
  2. Enter the authentication code.

Overall, the user is authenticated in just two steps and all it takes is 120 seconds.

Features of SendOTP

  1. Through this product you can generate OTP, send OTP though Transactional SMS API and authenticate mobile number.
  2. Check all reports.
  3. Enable two factor authentication within two minutes.
  4. Guaranteed OTP service.

Because of SMS technology, your OTPs are delivered as SMS to further improve security as only targeted people will receive them. In this way unapproved person will not get access to corporate data. You can still increase reliability and security of the SMS system if you use SendOTP service by MSG91.

MSG91 is one of the leading bulk SMS service providers that allow the communication flow without any disturbance. Sending text messages to a large number of contacts in single go is what MSG91 provides with different add-ons for well-planned communication. If you decide to use this solution, you will get a fixed, reliable and successful authentication system with the best quality.

The Proven Success Mantras of Preparing for AIPMT In Less Time

Just a few couple of weeks are left before the upcoming AIPMT, which is all set to be conducted on 1st May. So you will have to wrap up all your preparations within this short span and everything is got to be seamlessly perfect. Though droppers are expected to have finished with their preparations, those who are appearing for XII boards will only get a month of time to prepare.

Last minute preparation can work wonders:So this April is very critical from your preparation perspective as this month will only help you testify your strengths and weaknesses, correct your mistakes and empower you with the last minute tips of being successful. After the exam is over, most students come to realize that they have committed some silly mistakes by being cautious about it from now onward will help you to achieve excellence. And in order to be placed in the merit list, you must follow proper test patterns as well as test materials.

Blurring the difference between an average student and a topper:

Even those who are not a regular studying nerd, would be able to crack the AIPMT with the right study materials, strategies, proper guidance and focus. It is also important to practice all possible types of questions as familiarizing with various question patterns will be your key to success. This helps in exposing your understanding of the topic along with your weak points. By now it is obvious that you have finished practicing papers of previous years and so you are familiar to your level of difficulty with the question patterns. In AIPMT, normally basic questions of moderately difficult level are given but committing silly mistakes makes it unattainable for most students.

Common mistakes by students and how to overcome them:

Those who fail to crack the AIPMT exam inspite of having decent preparation and understanding the question pattern must have committed one or more of the following mistakes:

#Not reading the question paper attentively.

#Not paying equal attention to the all four questions.

#Bubbling various mistakes in the answer sheet.

#Not able to manage time properly.

How long and what will you study:

If you had been very regular from the beginning, then you can carry on with your usual schedule. But in case you have left everything for the last month, then you should study at least ten hours a day. These ten hours should be broken up according to a routine but don’t study continuously as you will be bored and tired soon.

Only a month of honest effortsis required to push you towards your goal. Always remember that if you fail in your first attempt, then again you have to wait for another year and this will be very painstaking in future. So plan these ten hours and execute it completely; mere planning will help you by no means. Don’t study for more than three continuous hours and then have a refreshment break and return back to your study.

Proper planning for proper execution:

You must plan your preparation for the last time. Hence just a few days are left, you should have done with your preparation by now. Stay away from scrolling down Facebook pages,checking your twitter account, watching cricket, texting your friends or doing anything that wastes your time fruitlessly.

You had been preparing to crack the AIPMT, so you got to be very serious as ranking among lakhs of students isn’t an easy task. Every second means to you, so checking other’s profiles would do you no good. None of your buddies or crush are going to influence you in shaping your career.

You only will have to do it, so there’s no harm in being a little selfish and think of yourself instead of everyone else. No friendship would last an eternity and everyone is about to move ahead with their respective lives. If you utilize your time properly, only then can you have a better future. So start focusing on your goals and work hard in order to realize it.

Doodle Style Theme free apk Download

The Doodle Style theme with gorgeous UI is now available for Solo Launcher. To look your phone smarter.

Doodle Style Theme free apk Download

The APK files of Doodle Style theme will help you to direct downloading of the app. We are sharing Doodle Style theme APK free download file of the latest versions.



Doodle Style theme APK Free Download

The installs of Comics app is 100,000 – 500,000. We do not provide any pirated version of APK files.



New features of Doodle Style theme app are as below:

Beautiful redesigned HD (144*144) icons
HD Doodle Style wallpapers!
Totally FREE, with continuous update
Design for you! If you really want some other icons to be designed, just email us.

Brand new Doodle Style.



Doodle Style theme app Information:

Google Play Store Rating – 4.0

Android Required – 4.0 and up

Size – 7.3 MB

Current Version – 1.0

Updated – July 23, 2014

Doodle Style theme app is really good with various graphics. The overall app is flawless.

Comics APK Free download

Enjoy the immersive comic book and graphic novel reading available on your phone or tablet with the Comics. Just download the Comics comiXology and read all your favorite comics.

Comics APK Free download

The APK files of Comics will help you to direct downloading of the app. We are sharing Comics APK free download file of the latest versions.



Comics APK Free Download

The installs of Comics app is 1,000,000 – 5,000,000. We do not provide any pirated version of APK files.



New features of Comics app are as below:

  • Digital first titles you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Experience cinematic, immersive reading with Guided View technology and a reader that lets you easily scan, zoom and flip pages.
  • In-app cart purchasing for all your buying needs.
  • Read all your comiXology comic books and graphic novels.
  • Same day as print releases.


Comics Android app Information:

  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.0
  • Android Required – 2.2 and up
  • Size – 7.9 MB
  • Current Version –
  • Updated – November 21, 2014

Comics app is really tremendous with various graphics. The overall app is good.

Incoming search terms:

  • comixology mod apk
  • Bhokal comics apk

A Comic Viewer Apk free download

A Comic Viewer formerly known as Droid Comic Viewer which is a lightweight image, comic & manga viewer.

A Comic Viewer Apk free download

The APK files of A Comic Viewer will help you to direct downloading of the app. We are sharing A Comic Viewer APK free download file of the latest versions.



A Comic Viewer APK Free Download

  • The installs of A Comic Viewer app is 100,000 – 500,000. We do not provide any pirated version of APK files.
  • New features of Challenger Comics Viewer app are as below:
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left reading
  • Next & previous screen cache
  • Opens CBZ/ZIP, ACV, CBR/RAR (beta), JPEG, PNG, BMP & image folders (long tap)
  • Read comics from SD card
  • Use touch screen or trackball to zoom, scroll & navigate


Comic Viewer Information:

  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.2
  • Android Required – 1.6 and up
  • Size – 673K
  • Current Version –
  • Updated – May 3, 2012

A Comic Viewer is a pretty good comic viewer. The overall app is terrific.

ComicRack Free apk download

ComicRack Free is the best eComic reader and manager fully optimized for phones and tablets. You can use the eComics anywhere you want. ComicRack includes live wallpaper that shows random covers from your library. ComicRack also includes highly configurable app widget.

ComicRack App APK free download

The APK files of ComicRack will help you to direct downloading of the app. We are sharing ComicRack APK free download file of the latest versions.



ComicRack APK Free Download

The installs of ComicRack app is 100,000 – 500,000. We do not provide any pirated version of APK files.



New features of ComicRack app are as below:

  • Advanced zoom modes
  • App Widgets
  • Auto scrolling
  • Automatic page cropping for small devices
  • Color adjustments
  • Full library management with lists and searching
  • Live Wallpaper
  • Management of reading states (unread, completed, bookmarks etc.)
  • Optimized for phones and tablets
  • Reader with single and double page viewing
  • Read CBZ and CBR natively
  • Right to left reading mode for mangas
  • Twitter integration
  • USB synchronization with ComicRack for Windows
  • When used together with ComicRack for Windows it supports CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT, PDF, DJVU and WebComics

Comicrack App Information

  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.2
  • Android Required – 2.2 and up
  • Size – 1.0 MB
  • Current Version – 1.79
  • Updated – February 19, 2014
  • ComicRack is popular among all eComic reader. The app is flawless.