One of the aspects that set us i.e. India apart from the other developing & developed countries is Festivals, Food & love and affection for our loved ones. Well, you may argue that in other countries also people do have different varities of food and care for others but India being a diversified country; Festivals, Food make us different from the lot¬†ūüôā Whether it is Diwali, Dussehra,¬†Eid, Christmas etc. we always find a reason to join the celebrations and enjoy the moment.

Having stayed away from family, both when I was studying in Engineering college & now when I am working in an MNC, I always miss¬†my family when I cannot¬†be with them during the Festival Time ūüôĀ Let me not bore you by talking about those dull moments but let me divert to some happy moments which I spent with them during festivals.

We are a big family and when we get-together, we love to play games. One of the games that we really enjoy playing is Indian Rummy.¬†Rummy¬†binds our family & it has now become the de-facto “Festival Game” for us. In fact, even when are away, we are still hooked with Indian Rummy – thanks to it’s online avatar¬†RummyCircle¬†One thing which we realized is though Rummy is competitive game,¬†it sometimes became difficult to make others understand it’s rules. So, today I wanted to share some of the Rummy Rules¬†so that newbie‚Äôs can get hold of the game & instill¬†Indian Rummy in their family games list ūüôā

  • Rummy is a 2 or 6 player game¬†and is played with 2 packs of cards. Each pack contains 52 cards.
  • 13 cards are given to each player.¬†The process of distributing cards is called as Deal.
  • The end objective of the game is simple –¬†Form¬†Sets or Sequences.
  • Joker is¬†randomly¬†selected in the beginning of the game¬†& can be used in place of any card. In Hindi, it is also called as Paplu.
  • Sequence is the combination of 3 or more cards of the same suit. Suit can be spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.
  • Sequence without a joker is called as Pure Sequence. In order to declare, you need to have at least one Pure Sequence.
  • Set is a combination of 3 or more cards of the same value. Please remember, that in order to declare, one Sequence & one Pure sequence is mandatory.

Listed above were only the pointers to get you started with Rummy. You also need to understand about the Points System, Sets and Sequences declaration and more. For getting hold of in-depth¬†Rummy Rules, you can hop on to¬†RummyCircle¬†website and start playing Practice¬†Tournaments on RummyCircle¬†Online Practice Tournaments¬†is an ideal place where inspite of getting defeated in Rummy,¬†you sharpen your Rummy Skills & also do not loose a single penny ūüôā

Play Safe Classic Rummy . As it was mentioned in one of the Bollywood Movies – “It is better safe than sorry”.. So better to sharpen Rummy Skills than being sorry to loose money in real game of Rummy !! Let’s hope that the ancient card game Rummy brings in “togetherness” in this festive season ūüôā

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