Retro Games Super Bit Dash is an auto runner retro game on Google play store. You can free download Super Bit Dash game directly from Google play store. This game allows the user tapping on the screen jumps and swiping allow the player to do various actions. Collecting the coins to fill up the session of dashes used. The irresponsible dashing can leave players high and dry in a deadly way.

Retro Games Super Bit Dash Format

The Super Bit Dash retro game works on two modes: Classic and Endless. The classic mode has a set of length whereas in Endless mode the game doesn’t end. Both modes are very similar and are randomly generated from a variety of level set pieces and then arranged together.

In Super Bit Dash game the controls all work well and swiping is effective and very simple to use. The soundtrack consists of multiple variations on the same track with new ones that play in each mode. The coins earned go toward unlocking the things and upgrades such as additional coin slots will be helpful in the game. But you will find only one key upgrade so save it for the lumberjack costume. The lumberjack will be beneficial for you.


There is a mismatch in the difficulty levels of this retro game. The easy level is so easy to play whereas hard level is more difficult due to the timing windows, that is quite difficult to manage when all put together. In the endless mode, you will get only one life mode increases the difficulty level more.

Download Super Bit Dash Retro Game

Features of Retro Super Bit Dash

  • 8 bit inspired soundtrack
  • 8-bit inspired art
  • Google Play Services achievements and leader boards
  • Intuitive Touch controls
  • Old School platform actions using swipes and taps
  • Fully optimized for the Google Nexus7 and other tablets!
  • Unlock quirky characters and power ups.

Specifications of Super Bit Dash Game

Android Required – 2.3 and up

Memory Size –7.9 MB

Current Version- 1.0.17

Google Play Store Rating of Super Bit Dash Retro Game – 4.2


The Super Bit Dash retro video game that feels like that it doesn’t have the proper balancing right now. But it has core mechanic which is more interesting to make it worthwhile for those game player looking for a unique auto runner. The sound effects are pretty good. Overall you will enjoy the game this Super Bit Dash Retro Game. Just free download retro games online and start enjoying.

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