PewPew is one of the best multidirectional games which take the winning formula of Geometry Ware Series. The game includes myriad of enemies and diverse game modes in addition having a tint retro graphics.

Pew Pew Android Game Format

In the PewPew, there are main four different game modes:



In this, some enemies explode when they die, and the other spin maniacally everywhere. Hide from this explosion or dexterously go through them.


When you will collect boxes, there will more and more enemies moving around. You have to hoax them all. To avoid the carnage the Dodge is the best alternative as it removes the ability to retaliate. The beguiler skills you sharpen in this particular segment will be more beneficial for the next modes.


In this you need tremendous skills to survive. You have to fight against waves of enemies.

Chromatic Strife

The Chromatic Strife is the most challenging mode in the entire game. The enemies of different colour appear and you can only destroy the one that are the same colour as your ship means that your guns can only damage same colour opponents. In this mode, you have to fly over special zones to convert the shade of your ship.

You can download Pew Pew Android Game officially from Google Play Store. Just Click On below link and Download Android Game for Free and start playing Pew Pew Game for Android Free.

Download Pew Pew Android Game Online

Pew Pew Android Apk Game Features

  • The Controller support for NVIDIA and Android set-top boxes.
  • Enjoy the finely tuned game-play
  • See the scores on online leader boards
  • Online replays
  • Awesome sweet music
  • Un-lockable ships

Pew Pew Android Game Specifications

  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.3
  • Android Required – Varies with device
  • Size – Varies with device
  • Current Version- Varies with device

You can see the online scores on the ladder board. Compete with your friends. The game has the high frame rate and high sound resolution. The game lovers will like the option of Joy Sticks as you can use Joy Sticks for this game. In the Kitkat now you will get the full screen game. Kill as many as background apps as it will provide more smoothness in playing the game. The joysticks are diagonal to handle the touch screen trouble in few Nexus devices.

Pew Pew Apk Free Download

Final Verdict

No personal data is sold as well as any ads. There are few minutes problems are present in the game. You may encounter few touch screen problem in controlling the pin point accuracy. The resolution is high and music is really nice. The overall game Pew Pew Game Android Apk Free Download is flawless and you will have fun in this game.

It was all that I knew about the game. If you have any query regarding the post or you want to share any information about the post then you can mention it in comments.

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